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Link All Generations Of Your Family With Our Elderly-Friendly App

A Family Of Apps For The Elderly With Secure Messaging, Photo-Sharing And Calendar Functions

Link-ages is designed to connect families. The apps are designed with the elderly in mind to help them communicate with their family in a simple and secure app environment. 

A Great Way To Help Tackle Loneliness For The Older Generation

Link-ages connects every generation of a family with a safe and secure group of apps. While there are many apps for loneliness, Link-ages uniquely links all generations of a family. Our elderly friendly apps that can used by all older people, even those who suffer from Alzheimers or Dementia.

Why Link-ages?

Staying in touch with our family and friends has never been easier or quicker. We share photos and messages all the time and for many, technology is part of everyday life. But older members of our families are often left out, because they can’t (or won’t) use email, messaging or social media. Existing apps are not designed for older or less experienced users.

We created Link-ages to help bridge the gap between older and younger generations. The apps have been designed with and for older people, We are passionate about working to end loneliness and isolation, and believe that strengthening connections with family and friends can help. Technology can enrich the lives of older people, and if we can encourage them to take that first step, a whole new world is waiting.

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