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New apps now available

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Share memories with your family

New apps now available - Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

Safe, secure and easy to use digital messaging for everyone

Link-ages has been designed to be used by families at home and within care organisations

With a simplified Tablet option for those less familiar with technology

Create a private network, so everyone in your Bubble is safe from unsolicited contact

Start using Link-ages with your Family in 4 easy steps

Getting started with Link-ages could not be easier. Simply download the Link-ages App on your smartphone device and the app will guide you through creating an account. Once this is done, you can create a private ‘Bubble’ for your family and friends within Link-ages Lite (free) or Link-ages Plus. (find out more about Link-ages Lite and Link-ages Plus)

Once you have set up Link-ages you can invite family and friends to connect with you. They will receive an email asking them to download the app, or if they already have a Link-ages account and they are happy to share their private pin number, they will receive an in-app invitation.

For simple step-by-step guides on how to find and download the Link-ages Apps, create an account and connect your family, see our Getting Started Guide

1. Download App

Download Link-ages App to smartphones from the AppStore or the Play Store

App StorePlay Store

3. Create a Bubble

Create a secure Bubble for your family, give it a name and it's own picture

4. Send Invitations

Invite family and friends to join the Bubble and start communicating

App StorePlay Store

Text, voice and video messaging

Link-ages allows families and friends to stay in touch using text, voice and video messaging.

The clear, simple and ad-free interface has been designed to make it easy for everyone to stay connected and up to date.

Older couple using video calling on tablet device

Safe, secure and private

Link-ages has been designed to keep all users, especially vulnerable individuals, safe whilst they are online.

High levels of security and privacy protection are built in. Each Hub is the centre of its own private network so that you can be confident your loved ones will be protected.

Older couple using video calling on tablet device

Designed for all abilities

Link-ages was designed with input from the people we want to benefit from it so that we could fully understand their needs.

The result is a simple interface with no clutter or distractions, large, easy to read buttons and self-explanatory features designed to minimise learning time.

amily using tablets and smartphones on sofa

Share and make memories

The built in messaging, photo sharing and diary functions keep your loved one up to date with the latest family news, photos and events, even when they can't be there in person.

And the photo gallery allows the creation of digital storybooks to spark conversation and stimulate happy memories of past times.

Daughter taking photo with mother on sofa

To see all of the innovations that make keeping in touch with your family easy, safe and private, visit our features page

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Link-ages has been designed for family and professional use
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