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Introduce your Older Relatives to Link-ages

Do you find it difficult to keep in contact with your grandparents or other older relatives? We rely on our phones and iPads or Android tablets to keep in touch with most people, so why not our older family members? The problem is that for many older people existing apps are difficult to use, and so they are often left out because they cannot cope with the apps we all use daily.

Help them benefit from Safe & Secure Instant Communication

Using Link-ages means it is easy for your older relatives to benefit from the instant communication that we all take for granted. By downloading Go to your smartphone, and using the secure login system, you can connect with your relative’s Hub so you can send them pictures, messages and diary entries. All Go users within each Hub-centred group are automatically connected within a private pin-code controlled network.

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Help your older relatives to benefit from being online by downloading Link-ages today.

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