Guide to Sign-Up

How to sign-up to Link-ages

Link-ages Hub is available for iPad via the App Store and for Android tablets via Google Play. Link-ages Go is available for Apple and Android smartphones. Link-ages is all about the Hub user, so the subscription is purchased through the Hub. To sign-up to Link-ages, download the Hub to the iPad of the user, and follow the instructions.

To Use Link-ages You Need

Link-ages Hub Profile Setup

After the Hub user registers, they can invite people to link with them. Go users can register via the Go app, and can accept invitations to link.

Link-ages Go

Go users can also connect directly by downloading the Go app and entering the relevant Hub user’s details.

Link-ages Shadow

A Shadow can be set up by downloading the Hub for free and signing in as a Go user. You must be nominated by Hub or another Shadow.

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