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Link-Ages subscriptions for your family or organisation

New apps coming soon!

Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

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How to start using the Link-ages Platform

The Link-ages platform is a subscription service. You can enjoy a free month trial when you start a subscription by downloading and signing in to the Hub app to a tablet device

The Link-ages communication platform works by creating a private network between the main user's tablet device (the Hub app) and their family's smartphone devices (the Go app). To use Link-ages' communication platform you will need to download the Hub app to the main user's tablet and at least one Go app to a family member's smartphone.

After the Hub app has been downloaded, the main user will need to sign in using their email address. A family member, friend or carer may assist the main user with this stage. Go accounts may be created free of charge. If the main user is a resident in a care facility, registration will be completed by the care provider.

Care providers can access help with setup and training through customer support to ensure straightforward adoption of the Link-ages system.

If you are a family or care provider wishing to purchase the Link-ages Platform, please contact us at or use the form below.

In the future, families will be able to purchase and manage subscriptions directly on our web site. Care providers and other organisations will benefit from a bespoke Dashboard allowing them detailed oversight and management options.

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If you would like to know more about our subscriptions or to purchase Link-ages, please get in touch using the form below.
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