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Link-ages Connect helps you support the digital needs of your residents

New apps now available - Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

Link-ages Connect is the management portal for Link-ages Hub and Go Apps

Link-ages Connect allow care organisations to provide safe and secure digital messaging for residents and their families

Link-ages provides organisations with a platform to ensure that residents and their families benefit from digital communication. The Link-ages eco-system has been created in conjunction with older people, care providers and other experts to ensure a system that is ideal for anyone who needs a little extra help, without adding to the workload of the staff that care for them.

Link-ages Connect is the management portal for Link-ages Hub and Go tablet and smartphone apps and allows organisations to support the digital needs of their residents by:

The bespoke design is tailored to suit each user group, ensuring ease-of-use and safety, whilst maintaining a wide range of useful and engaging features. With the Link-ages ecosystem, staying in touch with family using messaging, video calling and photo sharing is safe and secure, and organising activities and supporting residents who need additional help is quick and easy.

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Features for Organisations

Designed for Privacy

The Link-ages platform has been design to keep all communication private

Made for Families

Link-ages was designed to be accessible to all so is easy to use and works on the devices you are already using

A Closed Network

The Link-ages platform is a closed network, so friends and family can only join if they are invited by the Bubble admin.

Simple, Easy to Use Interface

Link-ages has been designed with a simple, clean and clutter free interface with no adverts

Video Calling

Link-ages features video calling so that families can communicate face to face even when they cannot be together

Designed for all Devices

Link-ages works on the devices you already own

Diary and Calendar

The built in Diary and Calendar features allow families to share important events, reminders and more

Photo Sharing and Archiving

Share photos of family events and create an archive of photos from the past

Remote Assistance

Link-ages allows a more experienced user to remotely manage the main user's app and to give help when needed.

Online Safety

Online safety of all users is Link-ages highest priority

Designed for Everyone

Link-ages can be used by individuals of all abilities, whatever their previous experience of technology.


Users can add their choice of frequently used apps into the Link-ages interface

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Residential Care Home Providers

Link-ages has been designed to improve well-being in the Care Home Setting

When older people move into residential care it can make it more difficult for family members to visit as regularly as they would like. Nevertheless, it is essential that families remain connected, and whilst nothing can replace face-to-face visits, digital communication can be a great tool to keep in touch with loved ones and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Link-ages and your home

Link-ages has been carefully created and designed to respond to the sometimes unique needs of older people in residential care. Our safe and responsive platform enables everyone to benefit from digital communication in an easy-to-use and private way.

Alongside communication, Link-ages enables the sharing and revisiting of precious memories, providing a stimulating activity and helping to encourage conversation with carers, friends and family.

Home Care Providers

Link-ages is highly beneficial for those receiving care in their own home

It is common for people receiving care in their own homes to feel socially isolated. Lack of mobility and other physical conditions may mean that people are less able to engage socially. Lack of knowledge, experience or confidence with technology may put individuals off using the digital platforms many of us take for granted.

Link-ages for Home Care Providers

Link-ages has been designed and created to address these needs. Our safe and responsive platform enables everyone to benefit from digital communication, in an easy-to-use and private way. While no substitute for face to face visits, Link-ages can enhance and strengthen family relationships by enabling regular communication.

Also, the calendar features allow reminders of visits by carers and family and the photo gallery can provide stimulus for conversation and reminiscence.

Retirement Communities

Link-ages enables residents of retirement communities to benefit from technology in a safe and easy way

Moving into a retirement community can allow older people to share activities, make new friends, and make the most of their retirement, in an environment designed to blend the best of independent living with a supportive environment. Adding Link-ages to your offering allows your residents to share their lives with friends and family, keep up to date with news both from inside and outside the community, and provides and engaging activity to stimulate memory and conversation with staff and other residents.

Link-ages for your Community

From updating your residents on the latest event, to sharing pictures of a recent trip with family members, Link-ages can enable your community to bring everyone together and benefit from technology in a safe, private and unique way. Our custom-designed system keeps your residents, staff, and families secure, allowing you to bring the very best of online communication without any of the risk.

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