Working Together To Support Older Adults

Creating new solutions and ideas that help improve wellbeing for older people is important. Issues surrounding social care are often in the news, and with good reason, as ensuring vulnerable people have access to high standards of care is essential. There have also been numerous articles written about the need to enable older people to remain independent for longer. Increasing life expectancy represents a great opportunity but brings with it the need to ensure that later life is as healthy and rewarding as possible.

Transforming Ageing To Improve Well-being for Older People

We were therefore pleased to read that Transform Ageing (a Big Lottery funded initiative run in conjunction with the Design Council, the South West Academic Health Science Network and the Centre for Ageing Better) are spearheading a drive to improve wellbeing amongst older adults.

To achieve this, Transform Ageing are bringing together health groups, social enterprises and older people themselves, to develop new ideas and products. And Transform Ageing is not the only programme in this area. For example, as we mentioned in a previous blog, the Europe-wide AAL Smart Ageing programme aims to develop innovative new technology products aimed at improving later life.

AAL Smart Ageing

How Link-ages Supports Older People

As a company working in the field of ageing, we believe that initiatives such as this are crucial in creating innovative new solutions to the issues associated with an ageing population. It is important to remember that ‘older people’ are not a homogeneous group with the same needs and desires and a result, any one product or service will only make up a part of a bigger picture. We believe that enabling charities, councils and government groups, social enterprises and private businesses to work together is likely to be the most effective way of developing a comprehensive range of solutions.

Link-ages aims to be a part of this solution, by providing a thoughtfully designed app suite that allow older and vulnerable people and their families to communicate easily and safely online, and share memories, photos and events. For more information on how our apps can help you and your family, visit our website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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