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The topic of dementia has regularly been in the press in recent months. The impact that dementia has on those with the condition, and those who care for them, is life changing. Voluntary groups and charities such the Alzheimer’s Society work tirelessly to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, and partnerships between charities and researchers are often used to drive forward these improvements.

Across the sphere of healthy ageing, collaboration is an effective way to encourage positive change, and a recent BBC Archive initiative is showing how this can be achieved. The newly established BBC Reminiscence Archive aims to improve lives and stimulate memories for dementia patients using a simple interface that allows easy access to a wide range of BBC archive footage, music and photos.

The service has been created in conjunction with Dundee University, the University of St. Andrews and charities, underpinned by research and a drive to improve lives. The Archive provides a wonderful place where individuals living with dementia can evoke memories of the past.

Alzheimer’s Society

BBC Reminiscence Archive

How The Service Works

The BBC Reminiscences service is an easy to use online page, with simple multi choice one-touch options for finding archive materials. Choices can be made between Theme and Decade, with further sub-choices available.

BBC Remart Theme Or Decade
BBC Remart Themes

Once a choice is made, users can easily navigate through a wide range of material that takes advantage of the vast BBC archive.

BBC Reminiscences Archive Content Page

Our Thoughts On The BBC Reminiscences Archive Service

A key consideration for any product aimed at those less confident with technology, and of particular relevance to those with dementia, is accessibility. The BBC Reminiscences service has clearly been designed with this in mind as the menu choices are clear and straightforward, and large fonts and buttons enable access for all.

The structure of the system means that users (and their families and carers) can tailor use to suit themselves. The service is designed to stimulate memories in people living with dementia, and the use of BBC Reminiscences by carers and family members could therefore effectively facilitate conversation and improve wellbeing.

As a company that believes passionately in the role of carefully designed technology to improve lives, we at Link-ages are delighted that the BBC have decided to open up their archives in this way, and we hope that this collaboration serves to highlight how effective working together can be.

How Our Apps Can Help

Our apps help connect older people including those who are living with dementia to their families and friends. Users of our apps benefit from a safe, secure and private platform where they can communicate without being concerned about their privacy or the intrusion of online adverts.

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