Our Apps Can Connect Your Family

The Link-ages Communication Platform is a suite of apps designed to connect your family

Our apps have been developed with older, inexperienced and vulnerable users in mind, including those with dementia or special educational needs. We are passionate about providing a simple, safe and secure platform where all generations of a family can communicate without undue concern for their online security and privacy. Link-ages is a subscription service, with plans available for families and care organisations. It is entirely ad-free and your data is kept private.

Link-ages Hub

Link-ages Hub - For older,  inexperienced and vulnerable users

For older, inexperienced and vulnerable users, the Link-ages Hub app provides a secure platform where they can communicate with their families and friends using features such as video calling, messaging, photo sharing and our digital diary. Our Hub app is easy to use and highly accessible with a clear and friendly interface and large, legible text.

We want older and inexperienced users to feel empowered and confident in the knowledge that they are in a safe and private digital environment where they can communicate without the security and privacy concerns that alternative messaging apps do not specifically address.

Link-ages Hub is available on the iPad and Android tablets.

Link-ages Go

Link-ages Go - For The Rest Of The Family

The Link-ages Go app enables the rest of the family to link to the Hub user. Once connected, family can video call, send messages, calendar invitations and share photos. Go users can either be invited to join a Hub by a Hub user or request access to a Hub using a secure pin and a Hub user’s account details.

The Go app allows more experienced users to contact the Hub user and other Go users that are part of the same private network using video calling, messaging, photo sharing and our digital diary. For family members, Go provides an interface where they can connect with older, inexperienced or vulnerable members of their family who are not confident or able to use other social networking apps.

Link-ages Go is available on iOS and Android devices.

Link-ages Shadow

Link-ages Assist - For Family Members To Help The Hub User

Our trio of apps is completed by our optional companion app, Link-ages Assist. Our Assist app is designed to help Hub users with the setup and management of their Hub. It can be used by an an experienced Internet user in a family to provide support to the Hub user at any time. This can provide comfort to an inexperienced user as they can rest assured that a trusted family member is available to help them should they require it.

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