Link-ages User Guide

A guide to setting up and using the Link-ages family of Apps

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Setting Up Link-ages Hub

Hub is at the centre of each Link-ages group. Using Hub, the main user can access all of their galleries, photos and videos; send and receive messages, make and receive Video calls and set up reminders in the Diary.

To begin using Hub, download the app from the App Store or GooglePlay on the main user’s iPad.

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Google Play

Please note, as Hub is the primary app, it is important to download it first, before registering with Go or Shadow. When the app opens, you will see two options, Sign Up and Login. If you are a new user, select Sign Up to set up a new Hub account. The Sign Up page looks like this:

Fill in the boxes provided with the Hub user’s information and choose a password. A pin code will be automatically generated and this will be used by Go users to connect to the Hub. The password is used only by the Hub. It is also essential that an image is chosen, ideally of the Hub User, as this is displayed both on the Hub, and on all communication to and from Go.

Once the information is complete, click Sign Up and you will be directed to a page like this:

If you are a new user, select Free Trial. You will then be asked to sign into your user ID to complete the subscription process. No payment will be taken until the end of the free trial and you can cancel at anytime. Payment is handled via the App Store or Google Play.

You will now be logged into the Hub.

When the Hub user is registered as above, family and friends can download the Go app from either the App Store, or Google Play. As soon as you link with an individual Hub, you will automatically link to all the other users within that Hub-centred group.

Download Go for iPhone and Android:

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Get it on Google Play

The Hub user can invite Go users or Go users can simply join the Hub, but only if they have the necessary information. Hub users cannot be identified in any other way, each group is completely private.

In order to use Go, complete your information to register with Link-ages, then use the email address and pin code of the Hub user to link to the Hub account. As with Hub, a profile image is required for Go users; this image helps Hub users to recognise their Links.

Using Link-ages Hub

Hub Home Page

The Home page of Hub looks like this at first:

Once it has been set-up, each Hub will be individually tailored to each Hub user.

From the Home Page, you can access Contacts, Galleries and the Diary.

By clicking on Settings, the person setting up Hub or the Shadow user can personalise the greeting shown at the bottom of the Home page. The setting page is shown below:

Also, within Advanced Settings, you can enter Edit Mode:

This allows you to delete, or move media, galleries and diary entries within the Hub. In order to return to the home page from a Settings or any other page, simply click Home.


Contacts can be invited by the Hub user in Edit mode and requests appear on the Home screen of the app.

If you click on ‘Invite somebody to link with you’ you will be asked to enter the email address of the person with whom you wish to Link. Link-ages will then send an email including information on how to download and use Go.

My Link-Ages

Within My Link-ages users can access their contacts and their galleries.

Messages, photos, and voicemails can be tracked through the groups by the red symbol that appears next to the icon, as shown. The Hub user therefore only needs to follow the envelope symbol. This feature is particularly helpful for inexperienced users, or those with memory problems.

For example, in the image above, the Hub user can see that something has been sent by Emily. By clicking on Emily, the user can see that a message has been received. If Messages is then clicked, the message can be viewed. Hub users can also choose Go users to help them by inviting them to use Link-ages Shadow.

Diary entries

Diary entries can be made by the Hub, the Shadow or Go. On Hub or Shadow, click on My Diary, and you will see this screen:

To add an entry to the diary, click on Add an Event and fill in the details.

Diary events can also be created by Go users, and sent to the Hub. These will be added to the Diary once they are accepted by the Hub (or Shadow) user.

Thank you for purchasing Link-ages. We hope you enjoy using the apps. We welcome feedback, so if you wish to give any, please use the contact form here.

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