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For Inexperienced or Older Users

Link-ages has been designed with older and inexperienced users at its heart. It is often assumed that older users don’t want to get online, but our research has shown that it is frequently not a case of a lack of interest, but instead a fear of ‘doing something wrong’. We want to help you to overcome these concerns, and benefit from all that the online world can offer.

The App for people living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

As well as being suitable for less confident users, the app was created with people who are living with short term memory loss, so Link-ages Hub is dementia friendly and intuitive to use. This means that it is accessible by individuals who are unable to access other programmes.

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Safe And Secure Communications App

Link-ages can be tailored to your personal situation. At its simplest, our apps can give you an easy way to communicate in a completely safe and private way with your immediate family, or as many family and friends as you wish. This is something that makes Link-ages unique.

In many apps, having an account means that people you don’t know can find you online. With Link-ages, this is not the case. Unless you specifically connect with someone through Hub and Go, no-one can find you. Connecting your Hub account with a Go account also requires several steps of security, making Link-ages even more secure.

Built for Sharing Memories

The app also allows you to archive photos and precious memories in an easy way, letting you organise your memories in a way that suits you. Go users can send you photos and videos, which automatically save to your photo albums so that you can also revisit these again and again.

Online Security

Digital Calendar for Seniors

Another benefit of Link-ages is the simple diary and calendar feature. As a Hub user, you can add entries yourself, or your connected Go users can add events for you. This means you can  keep on top of important appointments, reminders, and dates with ease.


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We believe that being able to access the digital world is only going to be become more important in the future, and developing skills in this area is important for retaining independence. The problem is that many existing apps and social media tools are just not designed to be accessible to older or inexperienced people. Link-ages can be an easy introduction to technology, helping you develop important skills.

So try Link-ages today. We offer a 28 day free trial so you can see how Link-ages can benefit you and your family.

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