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Link-ages is different from other Apps and Online Communication Tools………

At the core of Link-ages is the Hub – this is the app for older or inexperienced users. Hub has been specifically designed for this group:

It is more intuitive that other apps

It doesn’t require any prior knowledge of this kind of technology

It is dementia friendly

The buttons are larger and therefore more suitable for those people with reduced mobility in their fingers and hands

Communicate with Parents and Relatives

So how can Link-ages help you? Perhaps your parents live a long way away, or there is another older relative with whom you struggle to maintain regular contact. In this situation, many of us rely on sporadic visits, or weekly phone calls, to keep in touch with our relatives. However, there may be many reasons why this isn’t enough. Perhaps you need to check in daily to ensure they are well? Or maybe they live alone, and you are concerned about loneliness and isolation? Link-ages can be the solution for you.

Stay in touch with Messaging and Photo Sharing

By downloading Hub onto an iPad or Android tablet for your older relative, and Go onto your smartphone, you can keep in regular contact via messages and pictures, and help them to maintain their calendar, in a quick and easy way. Our research has shown that, for many older people, Link-ages Hub is easy to learn and use independently. As a result, Link-ages can help you relieve some of the worry and guilt sometimes associated with being unable to see older relatives regularly.

Share Memories

Hub allows your relative to revisit memories, pictures and messages whenever they choose, helping with memory retention and providing positive activity. Additionally, the Hub contains a calendar, so you can send your relative details of appointments and other events.

Remotely Manage your Relative’s Hub

As another benefit, there is the option to download the Shadow. This is done by downloading the Hub to your own iPad, and logging in with your Go account. By doing this, you can remotely manage your relative’s Hub account for them, removing any concern they might have.

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So try Link-ages, and see how our apps can help you and your family stay connected.

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