How Link-ages Works

A safe, private network for families to connect with older relatives

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The quick and easy companion app


An optional free app to remotely manage the Hub


The easy to use app for receiving and sending pictures, messages and videos

Link-ages is the app for the older generation. There are three apps, and all are simple to use, ad free and secure. The apps have been developed and tested with people between the ages of of 65 and 92, all of whom are new to technology. As a result, we know it is simple and easy to use.

There are many ways of using Link-ages, so each family can tailor it to suit their own needs. Every family network is pin-code protected, therefore all your information is safe and private.

We believe that it is time for older people to benefit from being online. Link-ages is an engaging way to get online, and can help to combat boredom, isolation and loneliness. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download Link-ages for your family.

The Link-ages family of apps

Link-ages Hub

(Available on iPad and Android tablets)

Hub is the easy-to-use central app for the older or inexperienced user. Hub allows users to contact friends and family in their network, and receive pictures, messages, voicemails and make and receive video calls. Hub allows users to have as many contacts in their network as they like. The app allows the user to save precious memories, so they can revisit them again and again. There is a diary section, where users or their family can input important reminders. Hub is available on iPad and Android tablets, as the larger screen size makes the app more accessible.

Showing the Go logo. Go is the app for family and friends.Link-ages Go

(Available on iPhone and Android smartphones)

Friends and family use the complementary Go app to send and receive messages and make video calls. Like HubGo is ad-free, and linking Hub and Go requires a two-step security process to ensure that the Hub user’s private network is a totally safe and secure digital environment. Go is available on Apple and Android smartphones, as most people carry a smartphone daily, making input quick and easy.

Link-ages Shadow

(Available on iPad and Android tablets)

Link-ages Shadow is an optional and free additional app.  We realise that for some Hub users,  managing the app alone could be a worry. As a result, the additional Shadow app allows a registered and connected Go user in the Hub‘s network to remotely manage the app, including setting up galleries and inviting Go contacts. Using Shadow allows the app to be tailored to suit the Hub user, therefore letting them make the most of Hub.  A registered Go user can access Shadow via a free download of the Hub app.