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Safe, private and accessible for inexperienced users

New apps coming soon!

Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

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Link-ages features make communication easy

Link-ages has been designed with features to make digital communication safe, secure and private

The features built into the Link-ages Platform have been created to make keeping in touch with your loved ones as simple as possible, while keeping everyone safe and secure. There are two versions of the Link-ages platform: Link-ages Lite and Link-ages Plus. Which version is right for your family will depend on your needs.

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Link-Ages Lite

Link-ages Lite is our free to use digital communication platform. It is designed to allow families to try Link-ages with no commitment.

Link-Ages Plus

Link-ages Plus is our premium digital communication platform, has additional features and allows more users per family group

  • Free to use
  • £3.99 / month per Family Group
  • No Ads
  • No Ads
  • Easy to use, private and secure
  • Easy to use, private and secure
  • Features text and voice messaging, photo sharing, diary functions and reminders
  • Link-Ages Plus features video calling in addition to the features of Link-Ages Lite
  • Limited to 4 users
  • Unlimited users per subscription

Link-ages Features in Detail

Designed for Privacy


Link-ages works by creating a private network for your family to communicate with each other. Unlike traditional social media, it is only possible to join this 'Bubble' by invitation from the Bubble admin and the invitation must be accepted. This two-way approval system means that no one outside of the bubble can contact the Hub user and everyone is kept safe from unsolicited contact. Users can decline an invitation.
Three generations using tablet device together on sofa

Made for Families


Link-ages was created to help all members of the family stay in touch more easily. It is designed to be easy to use by everyone and does not require special or expensive hardware to function. Link-ages works with the devices many people have already: smartphones and tablet devices. Link-Ages Lite is free to use and Link-ages Plus is a subscription service so that we can keep the platform ad-free.
three generations using tablet device together

Video Calling


For many, video calling is a regular part of life. But many video calling systems are not easy to use for inexperienced users. Link-ages strives to change that with intuitive, simple, and private video calling, that can bring you are your family together, even when you can't be there in person.
Older couple on sofa using video calling on tablet device

Voice and Text Messaging for Families


Link-ages features secure direct messaging by voice or text between family members. Messages can be sent one to one, or groups can be created so everyone is involved. The messaging features in Link-ages provides a simple way to keep everyone up to date, send well wishes and plan social occasions. Attach photos and diary events to messages to send them straight to the Hub user's Gallery or Calendar.
Older woman using smartphone at home

Diary and Calendar


Whether it is a relative letting you know they are visiting or a carer reminding residents about an outing, keeping up to date with events is key to staying in contact. The Link-ages diary allows contacts to easily share events and reminders. And it is not only events that are key - reminders for medication and appointments are vital to staying healthy and Link-ages can help. The reminder system can be tailored to a user's requirements and all diary entries are displayed in an accessible format.
Older person using tablet device being assisted by daughter

Photo Sharing and Archiving


Whether its that picture of a grandchild on their first day at school or the digitised copies of pictures from youth, having great memories to look back on is a wonderful and stimulating activity. Link-ages makes it easy for families to share and save their photos. Photos can be an excellent way to spark conversation for residents, carers and family members, which can be particularly helpful for those who may be struggling with cognitive decline.
Happy older couple using tablet device on sofa together

Remote Assistance


One of the barriers older and vulnerable people often encounter using digital communication is a lack of confidence or experience using technology. Link-ages allows a nominated family member to assist the Hub user remotely so there is always help on hand, even if the family member does not live near to the Hub user.
Older person using laptop on sofa being assisted by carer

Made for Care Organisations


Link-ages has features specifically for care organisations. Carers can send messages and reminders to Hub users and, with appropriate permissions, share updates with nominated family members. These features promote greater engagement between carers, residents and their families and can give greater reassurance that the resident is receiving the highest standards of care.
Older person using tablet device being assisted by carer

A Closed Network


The Link-ages platform is a closed network, meaning that unlike traditional social media apps, friends and family can only join if they have been invited by the Bubble admin. This prevents unsolicited 'friend requests' and ensures that the Hub user is connected to those who matter most: close family and friends.
Older woman using tablet device with granddaughter

Simple, Easy to Use Interface


Link-ages has been designed with a simple, clean and clutter free interface to make learning and using Link-ages as easy as possible. There are no adverts to distract or take the user out of the app whether you are using the free Lite version or the premium Plus option.
Older couple outdoors using tablet device

Online Safety


It is highly important that all users are kept safe while using technology such as digital communication. And this is especially true when the user are inexperienced or vulnerable. This is why Link-ages has been designed to keep all users in their own secure 'bubble'. The Link-ages platform only allows contact between authenticated users and there are ads or no external links to take users out of the app into the wider internet.
Older couple using smartphones on sofa

Designed for Everyone


Link-ages was created with input from older and inexperienced users of technology to help us understand their specific needs. The interface is designed to be as accessible as possible. There is no clutter or distractions and the buttons are large, clear and have high contrast text. Navigating the platform is kept simple with logical options and the minimum number of screens.
Older person using tablet device in rocking chair

Keeping Your Family's Information Safe


Link-ages takes the responsibility of handling your data seriously. Our platform was built to keep all your data secure and comply with the latest regulations, including GDPR, for the handling and storage of personal information. See our privacy page for more information
Older couple using tablet device at table

Creating Digital Storybooks


Using the photo gallery feature to create a digital storybook is a great way to ease a loved one's transition into care. Examples of photos to make a great storybook might include friends and family, past occasions and holidays, hobbies and favourite sports teams. It can act as a starting point for conversations with care staff and as a valuable aid to help settle in to a new environment.
Older person on bed using phone

Prevent Accidental Changes and Recover Deleted Items


It’s very annoying when you delete or change something by mistake and this could be disheartening if you are just building your skills and confidence. To help avoid unwanted changes editing can only be done in Edit mode. Once edit mode is selected users can navigate through the app and make necessary changes. In Edit users will also find Safety Net, this is where deleted items are kept so that they can easily be restored or permanently deleted. Personal information can be edited in the user’s profile, accessed by selecting the user’s image.
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