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What makes Link-ages different to other communication apps?

Link-ages has been designed to be different to other online communication. Our system of apps puts an older person at the centre of their own private bubble, and allows their family and friends to connect with them in a safe and secure way. Using our carefully designed Hub app, co-created with older adults, and our complementary Go app for family and friends, families can share memories, manage a calendar and send and receive messages.

How do the different Link-ages work together?

There are three different Link-ages apps, that all work together. Our core app is called Hub, and has been designed specifically for older adults. During development, we worked with a number of older people to identify the features and functions that would be helpful and desirable. The result was a comprehensive app which is available for the iPad and Android tablets that allows messaging, photo sharing and organisation, and diary management. But Hub doesn’t work alone. In order to use Link-ages, the Hub must connect to family and friends via the Go app (available for Apple and Android and smartphones). Through Go, family and friends can communicate with the Hub.

How much does Link-ages cost?

Link-ages is a subscription service, so that we can keep all ours apps completely ad free. We don’t sell or share any of your data, and have privacy and security as our top priority (see our Privacy Policy for more details).

Can I add more Go connections?

Yes absolutely! This can be done at any time by asking your family member or friend to download Go and begin a subscription.

Why do you ask for my postcode when I’m signing up for the Hub?

We only ask for you postcode so that your family can connect with you. This ensures that only people who know you can communicate with you, keeping you safe from unsolicited contact. We don’t save your postcode, and we don’t use it to identify you in any way.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your free one-month trial, you will automatically start a single Hub and Go subscription. You can add additional Go users straight away by adding to your subscription, or can you add new Go connections later on.

Why do I have to include my payment details when I sign up for a trial?

When you sign up for a free trial, you need to include your payment details, even though payment isn’t taken until your subscription begins. This is because of the requirements of the Apple Store. Link-ages do not take or hold any payment details – this is held only by Apple.

What does Link-ages Shadow do?

Link-ages Shadow is an optional, free, additional app that can be used to help manage the Hub. During development, we found that some Hub users were worried about managing some elements of their app, so we wanted to create a way for their family to help them. Put simply, Shadow is a replica of the Hub that a registered and connected Go user can use to help their older relative to manage their settings, contacts, diary etc.

To use Shadow as a connected Go user, simply download Hub onto your iPad, and login in using your Go ID to the Shadow section:

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