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At Link-ages we are passionate about improving later life, and we believe that bringing people together is key to achieving this.

Digital communication is increasingly how people communicate, but all too often older people are left out. There can be many reasons for this, and our apps aim to break down some of these barriers to enable everyone to benefit. Our communication apps for families and the system behind them is safe, easy to learn and private, meaning all your family and friends can communicate, regardless of their previous digital experience.

Link-ages enables older family members to be at the centre of communication, with family and friends able to communicate with them and with each other. However, our secure system means that no-one in your ‘bubble’ can be contacted by those outside it, keeping potentially vulnerable users safe.

Link-ages Network

Our Communication Apps For Families: Link-Ages Hub, Go & Shadow

Link-ages apps are split into three categories, depending on the type of user. Link-ages Hub is for the older, less experienced user, and has been optimised through research to be simple and engaging to use. Link-ages Go is for family members who are more experienced using technology, and operates much like other communication apps. The system is easy to learn and use, but if an older relative would like a little support, the free Shadow support app is available, meaning a linked Go user can remotely login to the Hub, allowing them to help if required.

The apps are feature-rich, and offer a number of ways to connect and share. The gallery below shows a selection of our features and options.

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