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For Families

Helping you stay in touch with older relatives

New apps now available - Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

Link-ages is designed for all of your family

At Link-ages we are passionate about improving well-being, and we believe that bringing people together is key to achieving this

More people than ever are using digital platforms to communicate with family and friends. However, vulnerable groups are often left out. There can be many reasons for this.  Existing communication apps may not be suitable due to accessibility or concerns about online safety and privacy.  

Link-ages aims to break down some of these barriers to enable everyone to participate. Our communication apps for families are safe, easy to learn and private, meaning all your family and friends can participate, regardless of their previous digital experience.

Features for Families

Link-ages enables older or vulnerable family members to be at the centre of communication. Family and friends are able to communicate with them and with each other and our secure system means that no-one in your private network can be contacted by those outside it, keeping everyone safe.

Voice and Text Messaging for Families

Link-ages allows families to send voice and text messages to each other safely and securely

Video Calling

Link-ages features video calling so that families can communicate face to face even when they cannot be together

Diary and Calendar

The built in Diary and Calendar features allow families to share important events, reminders and more

Photo Sharing and Archiving

Share photos of family events and create an archive of photos from the past

Creating Digital Storybooks

Using the photo gallery feature to create a digital storybook is a great way to ease a loved one's transition into care

Designed for Privacy

The Link-ages platform has been design to keep all communication private

A Closed Network

The Link-ages platform is a closed network, so friends and family can only join if they are invited by the Bubble admin.

Online Safety

Online safety of all users is Link-ages highest priority

Made for Families

Link-ages was designed to be accessible to all so is easy to use and works on the devices you are already using

Simple, Easy to Use Interface

Link-ages has been designed with a simple, clean and clutter free interface with no adverts

Designed for all Devices

Link-ages works on the devices you already own

Remote Assistance

Link-ages allows a more experienced user to remotely manage the main user's app and to give help when needed.

Designed for Everyone

Link-ages can be used by individuals of all abilities, whatever their previous experience of technology.


Users can add their choice of frequently used apps into the Link-ages interface

Prevent Accidental Changes and Recover Deleted Items

Enabling edit mode allows users to change settings and recover deleted items.

Keeping Your Family's Information Safe

Link-ages is compliant with all regulations relating to the handling and storage of personal information including GDPR.

More Features

Start using Link-ages with your Family in 4 easy steps

Getting started with Link-ages could not be easier. Simply download the Link-ages App on your smartphone device and the app will guide you through creating an account. Once this is done, you can create a private ‘Bubble’ for your family and friends within Link-ages Lite (free) or Link-ages Plus. (find out more about Link-ages Lite and Link-ages Plus)

Once you have set up Link-ages you can invite family and friends to connect with you. They will receive an email asking them to download the app, or if they already have a Link-ages account and they are happy to share their private pin number, they will receive an in-app invitation.

For simple step-by-step guides on how to find and download the Link-ages Apps, create an account and connect your family, see our Getting Started Guide

1. Download App

Download Link-ages App to smartphones from the AppStore or the Play Store

App StorePlay Store

3. Create a Bubble

Create a secure Bubble for your family, give it a name and it's own picture

4. Send Invitations

Invite family and friends to join the Bubble and start communicating

App StorePlay Store

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