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Link-ages is designed to help older people benefit from the instant communication that being online can provide.

So often older friends and relatives are excluded from using technology due to worry, lack of skills, or lack of access. Link-ages is an easy to use, simple and straightforward app suite, with two main priorities: firstly, to allow older people to benefit from the communication opportunities that being online can bring, and secondly, to start to teach older people the skills they need to expand their use of the internet.

Communications App For Doctors Surgeries, Dentists And Care Agencies

Many doctors surgeries, dentists and others use email and/or text message to contact patients and clients about appointments, reminders and other information. However, due to a lack of access, many older people are excluded from this quick and efficient mode of communication. Link-ages could provide external groups such as doctors surgeries and care providers with a safe, secure way to contact their patients or clients, and an easy way for these groups to make appointments with older people.

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We would like to hear from external groups and agencies who would be interested in using our apps to aid communication with patients and clients. Get in touch by emailing info@link-ages.com to discuss how Link-ages can help you.

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