Link-ages Is A Low Cost Way To Connect

Recycling Your iPad

At present, Link-ages Hub is available on iPad, with Go available on iPhone and Android smartphones. The app was launched on iPad as from our research and experience, we felt that iPad offers the best accessibility settings and ease of use for new users. However, this doesn’t mean that it is necessary for a Hub user to purchase a brand new iPad in order to use Link-ages. In many families, several members have iPads, and often these are replaced when new models come out. The older models are then often left lying in drawers, or sold.

Recycle Your iPad

As a result, Link-ages are encouraging families to ‘recycle’ these older model iPads for older family members to use. There are also several companies that offer recycled and refurbished iPads for a much lower cost. By using a ‘recycled’ iPad, the cost of getting older relatives online can be greatly reduced.

Subscribing To Link-ages Costs Less Than You Might Think

In order to ensure that Link-ages is affordable for families, the cost of subscription is low, from as little as 49p per month, up to a maximum of £1.29 per month for unlimited contacts. The apps are available via subscription so that we can avoid any advertising, as our research showed that pop-ups and other adverts can be distressing and confusing for inexperienced users, and people with dementia.

The minimal cost of the app, combined with the option of using older iPads, means that Link-ages is a low-cost way of getting older relatives online and connecting with family and friends. So if you are getting a new iPad, why do donate your old one to an older relative?

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