Link-ages and Online Security

Online Security

During the development of Link-ages, we spoke to older adults and inexperienced internet users, to understand what it was that was preventing them from engaging with technology. There were many different responses, but a common theme for many people was that there was an element of ‘fear’. For some, this was fear of ‘getting it wrong’, for others, it was a fear of being unable to use new technology. But for many, it was a fear of the unknown. Was the internet safe to use? Could their data be stolen?

Online And Digital Security

Digital security is an essential part of using the internet, but as we promote a message of safety through complex passwords, anti-virus software, and scam awareness, some new users are frightened that their security will be compromised by accessing the online world. Clearly it is vital to ensure that security and internet safety is a prominent message, and for those of us that use the internet daily, balancing use and safety is key. However, for inexperienced users this balance can be more difficult to understand.

Our Secure Family Communication Tool

In response to this, Link-ages has been designed to be a totally secure communication tool. No-one can be searched for on Link-ages. In order to connect, you must have the permission of the person you wish to connect with, and complete a several step process to ensure security. Link-ages will not send you unsolicited emails or messages, or share your data with anyone else. The apps have been designed to ensure that your family has a closed system in which to communicate, without fear of access by others. Pictures, messages and calendars on Link-ages are private to you, and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Taking The First Step Into The Digital World

We believe that everyone can benefit from being online, but that ‘being online’ can mean different things to different people. Link-ages can be a first step to greater digital skills and awareness; it can be used alongside any other apps; or Link-ages can be the only step into the digital world. It is up to you and your family.

Try Link-ages today for a totally safe and secure way to connect with your family and friends.

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