How Link-ages Can Help Health And Care Agencies

App For Health And Care Agencies

Link-ages has been designed to help families to connect with their older relatives in an easy, straightforward and secure way. An important feature is the closed nature of the apps, which makes it impossible for users to be searched for. In order to connect, several steps are required, to ensure privacy for older or inexperienced users.

Communications App For Health Agencies

As a result, we have recently been asked if the apps could be used by health and care agencies such as doctors’ surgeries, care providers or pharmacists. Having looked into this option, we have established that Link-ages could be successfully used to enable these groups to contact older clients and patients in a totally secure and private way, much like other digitally connected patients are contacted by text message or email now.

Each Link-ages Hub user (the older or inexperienced user) is at the centre of a private group, with only their approved Go users able to contact them. As a result, Hub users cannot be searched for, or contacted in an unsolicited manner. As a result, if the Hub user is connected to their doctors’ surgery’s Go account, it would be possible for the surgery to send an appointment to a Hub user digitally. This would be automatically included in their calendar, and reminders would be sent automatically, making it easier for the Hub user to remember the appointment.

Similarly, a pharmacist could send a secure message to a Hub user from their connected Go account, reminding them they need to pick up a prescription.

Communications App For Care Agencies

The product could be particularly useful for care agencies. Via the secure connection a carer could inform a client if they were going to be delayed etc., helping to counteract worry amongst care clients.

We are currently looking for external groups who would be interested in trialling Link-ages in this way. If you would be interested in this opportunity, or would just like to find out more, please contact us via:

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