Digital Champions

Digital Champions

Across the UK, there are many schemes aimed at encouraging digitally excluded people to get online, and benefit from what digital technology can bring. One well known scheme, and one Link-ages knows well, is Digital Champions. The founder of Link-ages is a Digital Champions volunteer, and we are delighted to be part of this great organisation.

What Are Digital Champions?

Digital Champions are volunteers who help others in their community use the internet, and digital technology. Many people who use the services of Digital Champions are older adults, who wish to get online, but are unsure about where to start, or worried about their online safety.

Online safety is something that comes up regularly in Digital Champions sessions. Sometimes, this can be dispelling myths about keeping safe online, but more often this will be teaching people how to choose secure passwords, recognising spam and scams, and keeping information private.

How Digital Champions Help

Along with online safety, there are numerous other ways that Digital Champions can help. For example, teaching people about:
• Sending and receiving emails
• Using and opening email attachments
• Changing accessibility settings to make text larger, or the screen brighter
• Shopping online
• Registering with doctors, dentists etc., or ordering prescriptions

Alongside teaching about the internet, Digital Champions also help with using devices such as mobile phones. This can mean setting up contacts in a new mobile phone, learning to use voicemails, or making a phone more accessible.

Digital Champions do fantastic work helping tackle the problem of digital exclusion, so if you would like to find out more, please visit:

Help An Older Person Use An iPad For The First Time

If you would like to encourage an older person to start using an iPad for the first time, you should try Link-ages. Designed to be simple, safe and private, it can help build digital confidence and is a great starting point for digital learning. Link-ages lets older or inexperienced users connect with their families, share photos and memories, and tackle isolation.

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