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In today’s world, many families no longer live close together. In the past, parents, grandparents and children would all live in the same area, and family relationships were easier to maintain. Now, as families increasingly live further and further apart, we often rely on technology to keep those important family connections. But in a lot of families, there is one group that is often left out of this digital communication. Many older relatives, and others who do not use digital technology, cannot benefit from the near instant communication that the internet provides.

Why Older People Can Be Excluded From The Digital World

But why is it that many older people are excluded from the digital world? Our research has shown that for many, it is not because of a real lack of interest (although this is often assumed to be a reason). Instead, many people described feeling that they were unable to learn to use technology, or that they would ‘do something wrong’. Additionally, concerns were highlighted about the safety and privacy of existing forms of digital communication.

It was watching a family member struggle to use existing apps that sparked the idea for Link-ages. Link-ages was designed to tackle the issues raised in our research, and in a future blog we will talk about how the Link-ages suite of apps addresses these concerns. For now, we will talk about how Link-ages, our suite of family apps, can help your family to fill the communication gap that existing apps have left.

The Family App That Bridges The Communication Gap

Link-ages is designed so that the older person uses a specially designed core app, called ‘Hub’. Other family members use a companion app, called ‘Go’, to send and receive pictures, messages and calendar entries to and from the Hub. In order to connect to the Hub, Go users must go through a several step security process, which prevents unknown people contacting the Hub user.

This means that each Hub user has a secure network that protects its users. This safe ‘bubble’ sets Link-ages apart from many popular apps, and makes Link-ages ideal for connecting your family. Additionally, Hub has been specifically designed for older users, and functions in an intuitive way, to enable older users to feel comfortable using the family app.

Many of us have felt some guilt when we realise we haven’t spoken to our elderly relatives for days or weeks, but Link-ages makes it easy to send pictures or messages in just a few seconds. This means children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces can enable their relatives to benefit from what the digital world has to offer, in a safe, easy to learn way, and help them to build digital skills and confidence. Link-ages is the ideal family app, connecting the generations and enabling the whole family to benefit from instant communication.

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