AAL Smart Ageing Prize 2018

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The 31st of May and 1st of June saw the mentoring event of the semi-final of the AAL Smart Ageing Prize take place in Brussels. This prize aims to support innovative digital and tech solutions that help “older people to participate fully in social life …[and] help them to remain active and healthy for longer into later life”.

Our Experience At The AAL Smart Ageing Event

The two day mentoring event allowed the 15 semi-finalists to meet, listen to speakers, take place in workshops and mentoring sessions, and pitch their ideas and products to a judging panel. The range of products, prototypes and ideas represented in Brussels was fantastic, covering a wide range of activity, health, and social concepts.

Meeting other individuals, groups and businesses working towards improving later life was inspiring, and allowed discussions about how best society can meet some of the challenges associated with ageing. Semi-finalists are now preparing the rest of their submissions, after which finalists will be announced. Finals are held in September this year, in Bilbao.

Link-ages was delighted to have been selected as a semi-finalist, and working with mentors, judges and other entrepreneurs was a great learning experience.

How The Smart Ageing Prize Helps Older Adults

We firmly believe that the aims of the Smart Ageing prize are crucial, as developing technology and ideas to enable older adults to stay active and to retain an active social life is fundamental to improving later life. Just as we cannot stereotype older people as a homogenous group, we cannot assume that there is one solution for every older person. Some require little or no assistance, whilst others require more substantial help and support.

By encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, AAL are aiming to generate a wide range of products, solutions and services that will be useful to older people, and reflect the wide range of needs, or wishes, that exist.

Find Out More About AAL Smart Ageing

To find out more about the AAL Smart Ageing Prize, visit their website: http://aal.challenges.org/

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