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Opinions on digital communication, technology and social isolation

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The Link-ages Communication Platform was designed by understanding the needs of older and vulnerable people

The articles on this page represent some the thinking that has gone into the development of the Link-ages Platform. Link-ages was developed based on the team's experiences of communicating with their own families, working with and talking to older and vulnerable people, and research into loneliness, social isolation and digital exclusion.

The BBC Reminiscences Archive

The newly established BBC Reminiscence Archive aims to improve lives and stimulate memories for dementia patients using a simple interface that allows easy access to a wide range of BBC archive footage, music and photos.
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How Can Link-ages Benefit You And Your Residents?

Delivering great care relies on understanding not only the physical requirements of residents and patients, but also their mental health and emotional needs. Understanding the wishes of residents is key to providing high quality and responsive care. In this article, we explore the question: how can Link-ages benefit you and your residents?
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Do Older People Engage with Technology?

There is little doubt that the growth of digital communication platforms such as social media messaging apps has made it easier for people in to stay in touch and share their experiences. However, there is a widely held belief that older people are not interested in engaging with and are slower to adopt new technologies.
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