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New apps coming this month

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New apps coming this month!

Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

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Our Stories

The Link-ages Communication Platform was designed by understanding the needs of older and vulnerable people

The articles on this page represent some the thinking that has gone into the development of the Link-ages Platform. Link-ages was developed based on the team's experiences of communicating with their own families, working with and talking to older and vulnerable people, and research into loneliness, social isolation and digital exclusion.

How Can Link-Ages Benefit You And Your Residents?

Delivering great care relies on understanding not only the physical requirements of residents and patients, but also their mental health and emotional needs. Understanding the wishes of residents is key to providing high quality and responsive care. In this article, we explore the question: how can Link-ages benefit you and your residents?
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Do Older People Engage with Technology?

There is little doubt that the growth of digital communication platforms such as social media messaging apps has made it easier for people in to stay in touch and share their experiences. However, there is a widely held belief that older people are not interested in engaging with and are slower to adopt new technologies.
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Digital Inclusion

There are an estimated 4.8 million people in the UK who never go online at all. In some cases this will be a choice, but in many cases this will be because of a lack of digital skills or issues with access
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Loneliness and Technology - Cause or Solution?

The relationship between loneliness and technology is complicated. Arguments have been made that technology is both the cause of, and the answer to loneliness
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Working Together To Support Older Adults

Creating new solutions and ideas that help improve wellbeing in older adults is important. Ensuring vulnerable people have access to the care they need is essential. But there have also been numerous articles written about the need to enable older adults to remain independent for longer
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Living Well With Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia can be very daunting, but it does not mean that you cannot continue to lead a fulfilling life. Maintaining as much independence as possible and continuing with the activities you enjoy are important to preserving your overall wellbeing and a positive mindset, which are important aspects of living well with dementia.
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How To Cope With Loneliness

Loneliness is an ever-increasing problem, regularly raised by charities like the Campaign to End Loneliness. The NHS has talked extensively about the impact it has on health and wellbeing, and the fact that loneliness can affect anyone of any age.
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Connecting Older People And Their Families With Link-ages

Encouraging older people to take their first steps into the digital world can be challenging. We wanted to understand if by providing a simple, safe and secure platform where all generations of a family could communicate without undue concern for their online security and privacy, we could make this process easier.
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Our Apps Can Connect Your Family

Our apps have been developed with inexperienced users in mind, including those with dementia or special educational needs. We are passionate about providing a simple, safe and secure platform where all generations of a family can communicate without undue concern for their online security and privacy.
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