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About Us

Helping to prevent loneliness

New apps now available - Easier sign-up for families with older relatives who are isolating and a free to use option

We are passionate about connecting families and reducing social isolation

Link-ages started when our founder saw first-hand how a lack of confidence, experience and accessibility could mean older people are left out of family communications

Being left out of communications between family and friends can contribute to loneliness and social isolation. Our founder witnessed this starting to happen as her own relatives became older and, realising that existing digital communication platforms did not address the specific needs of older or vulnerable people, decided to create a digital communication platform that could be used by all.

Link-ages was designed and built to address this issue. The platform was designed with input from older people so that we could fully understand their needs. Security, privacy and ease of use were given the highest priority. The result is a suite of apps that can improve the well-being of older and vulnerable people by giving them the same access to communication that many of us take for granted.

What we are best at

Our Values

Driven by Purpose
Our desire is to provide the best solutions to the challenges of social isolation and digital exclusion. We have seen first hand how these issues have affected friends and family. We design our products to help make a difference to the well-being of older and vulnerable people.
Agile and Responsive
We are constantly striving to improve our platform. We develop new feature and functionality based on input from users. We are happy to discuss collaborative development and working in partnership with health and social care providers.
Innovative Thinking
Our platform is a unique stand-alone digital communication suite designed specifically with and for older and vulnerable people. We have learned from experts and users, taken their feedback and developed a platform tailored to their particular needs.

Our Team

Fiona Willis

Chief Executive Officer

Ailsa Exley

Chief Operations Officer

James Brady

Chief Technical Officer

Andrew Sleigh

Customer Relationships Manager
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